Gender Study - girls in technology and then....?

In the spring of 2013, High Voltage Valley and University College of Dalarna, completed a study which focused on mapping girls experience of technology in education and work.
For a long time, the electrical power industry has been dominated by men. At the same there has been a need for new recruitments. To increase the number of women in the electrical power industry, the study was conducted to get a better understanding of the driving forces of girls in the industry sector. The study was conducted on 274 girls who all started studying at ABB:s industriskola (ABB Industry School) between the years 1994 – 2005. 123 of the girls completed the survey, making the response rate 45 percent.
Many of the girls listed that the reason for why they had chosen a technical education was that it was a solid first step to get a good position in the future. Many of the girls also felt that the technical curriculum made them more interested in technology in general, and that they were encouraged to continue within this sector. Of the 123 girls that responded, 60 percent have technical professions.
By viewing the result, it is possible to conclude that student counselors play an imporant part in encouring the girls to seek and develop their interests in technology. Women and girls often feel lonely and would like to have more female colleagues and role models. There is also a need of more mentors who can encourage girls with an interest in technology.