High Voltage Valley -
enabling tomorrow’s energy efficient society


To strengthen and develop our region’s world-leading position in high-voltage power technology is the common goal of all our projects. Developing innovations, products and services is our main goal as well as creating strong supplier networks and finding the right competence for our region.

Elways develops a system that allows electric road vehicles to charge while driving, rather than having to stop and charge at a stationary location. This eliminates the present limitation of batteries and increases the range of electric vehicles.



We hope to further develop our engagement in international research and development of power engineering. We want to strengthen and stimulate collaborations between academies, institutes and companies in growing economies.  

Capacity Building, Africa, Electrical Power Systemsis a collaboration between Swedish and African universities, supported by Swedish trade and industry.

Coming up

HVV Walk
How can High Voltage Valley highlight and make the research and development that is conducted in Ludvika visible as a world leader in power technology?
We now make new plans for our High Voltage Valley Walk!

Solar Energy
It is very satisfactory that we within the framework of Samarkand/High Voltage Valley have managed to create a well-functioning team that involves a wide-range of local business partners, and that we together use and benefit from the world-leading experience that this area has to offer.
- Lars Harnegard, municipal commissioner, Ludvika

"At High Voltage Valley, we build and enable tomorrow’s energy efficient society. At this site, you can read about our exciting projects.
We are happy to take part in developing new collaborations within our field of focus, both nationally and internationally. If you are looking for a collaboration partner within the field of innovation, please don’t hesitate to contact us", Kathrine Abrahamsen, process leader.