Since 2015, High voltage valley is a constant part of AB Samarkand 2015, a local development company. AB Samarkand 2015 is jointly and equally owned by five different participants: the municipalities of Ludvika and Smedjebacken, the country council of Dalarna, ABB in Ludvika and Ovako in Smedjebacken


High Voltage Valley run and manage several projects. To develop the projects, we ’ve put together teams and work with these in workshops. Our teams consist of highly-skilled people who, with their creativity and genuine interest, drive our projects forward.
Innovation workshop
To strengthen High Voltage Valley’s expertise in electrical engineering, we have created a workshop-team which focuses on innovation. It consists of a number of experts who assess project ideas. Within the workshop, ideas are tested, judged and developed. The main goal is to contribute to the development of products and services, so that the region’s small- and medium-sized groups can continue to grow and ensure the region’s position as a world-leader in electrical engineering.
The innovation team includes the following people:
Peter Ydersten, VB Elnät
Ferner Cia-Kny, SEAB
Staffan Andersson, Power Transmission Consulting
Alf-Åke Jansson, TD Consulting
Pablo Rey, STRI
Lena Meltzer, ABB
Lisbeth Soderling, Soderling Energy Consulting
Mats Rönnelid, Dalarna University
Lars Lindblom, AB Samarkand2015
Asa Andersson, AB Samarkand2015
Kathrine Abrahamsen, High Voltage Valley

High Voltage Valley Walk
The main goal of High Voltage Valley Walk is to make Ludvika’s position as a world-leader in electrical engineering more visible.
The workshop-team includes following participants from our key stakeholders:
Aiki Rillo, VB Energy
Magdalena Gustafsson, VB Energy
Stefan Andersson, Ludvika
Birgitta Andersson Parling, Ludvika
Goran O Sundell, Ludvika
Carolyn Stanley, STRI
Vacant, ABB
Vacant, Norconsult

Working for start-ups in High Voltage Valley has been commissioned to evaluate the proposed establishment, products / manufactures that can benefit the industry and the region.
The working group includes the following people:
Jan Pettersson, Väsman Invest
Lars-Åke Josefsson, Business Unit Ludvika
Lars Lindblom, Samarkand2015

The Board

The Board consists of AB Samarkand2015's Board;
Leif Pettersson, Ludvika municipality, Chairman
Thomas Andersson, ABB, Vice Chairman
Rickard Qvarford, Ovako
Fredrik Rönning, Smedjebacken municipality
Maria Strömkvist, Member of Parliament
Ivan Eriksson, County Council