In High Voltage Valley, we run projects of different nature. These include both strategic research projects (3-5 years) , such as the Smart Grid energy storage , but also shorter -demand industry-related projects ( <1 year) with a focus on developing innovations , products and services .

We also run projects in supplier development and skills .

The common goal of all our projects is that they should help to ensure and further develop the region's world-leading position in the electric power technology over the next ten years .

The research project Smart Grid Energy Storage in Ludvika was aiming to find solutions to the problems that the storage and distribution of alternative energy sources can mean.

AB Samarkand2015 , High Voltage Valley has been granted 1 million SEK for the project SolEl in Ludvika - Capacity development . The project is financed by the Swedish Energy Agency and will last until end of May 2017.

A national test bed is created in Ludvika- Bergslagen for the development of technology for energy -efficient mining .
The aim of the project is to create a real test environment , a test bed , to see and test different tools and methods for reducing the energy and thereby reduce the need for an expansion of the electricity infrastructure for the mining industry .

The Supplier Network - of High Voltage Valley consists of a group of companies, which are suppliers to ABB . The companies are strategically selected by ABB's purchasing departments and are important for both ABB and Ludvika city.