International collaboration

To strengthen and develop our region’s world-leading position in high-voltage power technology is the common goal of all our projects. Developing innovations, products and services is our main goal as well as creating strong supplier networks and finding the right competence for our region.
We hope to further develop our engagement in international research and development of power engineering. We want to strengthen and stimulate collaborations between academies, institutes and companies in growing economies.  

ADMA - Advanced Manufacturing

Together with Stiftelsen Teknikdalen and Triple Steelix, the project VANGUARD-ADMA has mapped and developed a model for regional companies to develop and make business agreements with the offshore industry.  The project is based on the industrial challenges that the companies in the participating twelwe regions have listed. The aim is to develop new technology and solutions that can meet these challenges. To develop new products and services, small and middle sized enterprises will collaborate with customers and research institutes within the network.

High Voltage Valley’s part is to monitor the project from a regional perspective.

For more information about Vanguard, click here.

Projekt mander:
Stefan Jansson at Dalarna Sciense Park