High Voltage Valley Walk

Ludvika is a world leader in power technology. How can we make this position more visible?
We decided to visualize Ludvika’s unique position through a walk – High Voltage Valley Walk. The walk is 5,5 kilometers long and takes us through the history of Ludvika – from the town’s earliest days in the 16th century to the successful industrial town that it is today. We especially highlight the energy changes of the future. How can Ludvika contribute and how can we showcase new techniques and solutions along the walk?
High Voltage Valley Walk will develop and change over time. Ludvika is always developing and changing, and so is our walk.

In the beginning of the 20th century, Ludvika was no more than a small railway junction. In the nearby community of Grängesberg, the situation was different. Grängesberg had a successful mine, the largest one in Sweden. To be able to power the mighty mine, an electrical company was needed. In the year of 1900, ten men founded AB Elektriska Magnet, and the story of Ludvika as a world leader in power technology was born. Today, the company is an important part of ABB and Ludvikas is a world center for power transmission.

Project Manager: Kathrine Abrahamsen