Solar Energy in Ludvika

High Voltage Valley has been granted 1 million SEK for the project ”Solar Energy in Ludvika – capacity development”. The project is financed by the Swedish Energy Agency (Energimyndigheten) and will run until the end of May 2017.
The project is a part of Ludvika’s great focus on solar electricity.

Buildings consume a large amount of energy. This is targeted as a problem by the UN, who considers it necessary to find new solutions for more energy efficient buildings. The project ”Solar Energy in Ludvika – capacity development” aims to develop new knowledge and solutions as well as implementing existing knowledge about how urban development can become more energy efficient by increasing the use of Solar Energy.
Project team
The manager of this project is Kathrine Abrahamsen, process manager at High Voltage Valley. The team also includes: 
Ulf Westman and Jan Hedberg, LudvikaHem
Stefan Andersson and Birgitta Parling, Ludvika Municipality
Thomas Fröbel and Lisa Fröbel, (företag?)
Pablo Rey, STRI
Peter Ydersten, VB Energi
The whole team is certain that this project is just right in time and very beneficial for the future. The project offers an opportunity to work with these questions from a long-time perspective , hopefully creating a Ludvika which is self-sufficient by wind and solar power during certain parts of the year.
Peter Ydersten at VB Energi is very happy to be part of the project.
 ”We see this as an opportunity to gain new knowledge and increase our awareness of long-term and environmentally friendly solutions. This is very important.”
Voices from politicians
Åsa Wikberg, the Green Party
”I am very pleased that this project is up and running and that several participants are collaborating to take the project further and to make the most of the allocated money. It will be very interesting to follow the development of this project.”
Lars Harnegard, municipal commissioner, Ludvika
 ”It is very satisfactory that we, within the framework of Samarkand/High Voltage Valley, have managed to create a well-functioning team that involves a wide-range of local business partners, and that we together use and benefit from the world-leading experience that this area has to offer.”
Current plans
The first step within the project is to examine however or not it is possible to put up solar panels on the local sport center and the fire station. These buildings have walls and roofs suitable for solar panels.
For more information, contact: Kathrine Abrahamsen