Solar Bike Sharing

The idea of this project is to develop a concept for electrical bike renting with a solution for charging via, for example, a roof with solar panels. By adding the solar panels to a container, the container will not only be a charging station but also a moveable storage. The concept also includes rental service, supervision, maintenance and other related services.
Additional services can be added to the concept. For example,  when renting a bike – it would be possible to pick up a picknick basket or a bag of groceries stored in a smart refigeration system when collecting or returning the bike. This service could also be available to non-cyclists. Enterprises such as Samhall and similar ones could be involved with maintenance and similar services.
The main target group for Solar Bike Sharing could be commuters and visitors. The concept could also include electrical three-wheel bicycles for increasing the availability for persons with disabilities.
Currently involved in the project are;
AB Samarkand2015 / High Voltage Valley, Hellman's SBA, Monark Exercise AB, Ludvika, Road to Market, LG IT, Teknikdalen - Green Business Region and altPOWER.

Project: AB Samarkand2015
Project Manager: Kathrine Abrahamsen