The electrical vehicle drive

The aim of this project was to improve the conditions for electrical vehicles in the region and to increase the number of vehicles in certain places by installing charging stations, and having them become sites of demonstration - easy to benchmark. The ultimate goal was to increase the number of electrical vehicles to 4000.
At the same time as this was implemented, a study focusing on the use and movement of electrical vehicles was conducted, something that provided us with imporant information about user behaviour and what improvements that should be made.
The project was an initiative of the Power Circle Energy Agency in collaboration with High Voltage Valley, New Energy, Mälarenergi, Jämtkraft and Falun Energi & Vatten.

Within this project, High Voltage Valley contributed with the following:
A company-owned electrical vehicle, a Citroën C-Zero
Dalarna’s first  rapid-charger station. It was inaugurated in 2012 at Samarkand/High Voltage Valley. Charging is free and available to all.
An ”electric salon” was held in December 2012. Another one was held in 2015.
The electrical car owned by High Voltage Valley has been on display at several fairs and events.
High Voltage Valley has made it possible for people interested in buying an electrical vehicle to test drive the company-owned Citroën.

Project duration: 2011-2015
Project: Power Circle
Project manager: Håkan Runnberg, High Voltage Valley